Competence. It’s a person’s or audience’s perception of your expertise.

In most communication situations,others will assess you to see if you’re knowledgeable and believable.

So just how competent do you perceive yourself?

Answer these questions to check your competence level as a communicator:

  • Do you know your subject and the facts? 
  • What’s your research level? Do you know how to get the best info regarding your topic?
  • Do you present yourself as someone who is committed to learning and development? Then…
  • Do you convey the sense of wanting to share your knowledge and information with others?

If you’re not an expert on a certain subject, you can still develop your competence level!

Want tips?  

  • Read, read and read some more.
  • Be fully prepared before you communicate your message about a topic. 
  • Cite the experts.
  • Use lots of stats, examples, testimony and use scenarios to enhance your messages. 
  • Be organized and present info in a timely, organized manner.
  • Be confident and poised. 
  • Be honest if you don’t have all the answers.  Tell your audience, you’ll get back to them. Fact check and make sure to follow up. People want the best answer, not an incompetent one.

Still need more help with feeling competent when you speak?  Message us with your needs and we’ll evaluate and help you elevate your competence to the next level.