There are many different aspects to consider when preparing for successful communication scenarios.  In earlier posts, we’ve presented you with the foundations of speaking such as building credibility, competence, charisma and character.  Now let’s look at utilizing these foundations and putting them into action while crafting your delivery style.

Vocal qualities refer to your pitch, rate and volume.  Body language refers to eye contact, facial expression, gesturing and the way you stand. Your vocal and physical delivery styles will have a huge impact on success.

In the coming posts, we’ll focus on each of these two areas in order to enhance your delivery.  In the meantime, take a few minutes to assess your current delivery style by contemplating these questions:

Vocal Delivery

  • Do you have a high or low tone of voice?
  • Do you speak quickly or slowly? 
  • How loudly or softly do you speak?
  • Do you articulate your words? Do you mumble?

Are you frequently asked to repeat what you say? This is usually a clue that you may have some vocal delivery issues?

Body Language and Delivery

  • Do you use hand gestures? Too many or not enough?
  • Do you have strong eye contact or avoid eye contact?
  • Is your body relaxed or stiff when you speak?
  • Are you dependent on notes or presentation aids?
  • Do you lean, tap on things or rock back & forth while speaking?

Confident body language and vocal delivery skills will help to advance your speaking!

Contact us by replying below for a free 10 minute consult to get your delivery qualities assessed. It’s really fun to see improvement in these specific areas and it’s gratifying too.


How do others perceive you? When it comes to communication it’s crucial to consider your credibility in order for you to increase it.

If you lack credibility the message you’re trying to send has little chance of being believed or embraced.

You can increase credibility by strengthening the following 4 factors:

  1. Competence
  2. Character
  3. Charisma
  4. Co-orientation

We can show you how to build upon all 4 factors especially if you have an upcoming speaking engagement, presentation or an important meeting on the calendar.

Try out our 10-Minute Consult method to get started. We’ll offer you your own personal recipe for success.

And follow this blog to learn more. It will help increase your credibility. And that’s what counts!

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Articulo,  is the Latin word for the verb, articulate. But more importantly, this word inspired the name of Articulo Professional Communication Services. We like to be inspired and to inspire others. The goal of our company is to inspire, motivate and instruct our clients to elevate them to a new level of communication excellence.

We believe in the philosophy that there is an art to public speaking and that communication in general is an integration of both art and science and this tandem integration can be heard, seen and felt all around us in the world today.

We’re here to make it easier for your to communicate better.

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