Do you have charisma? Do you have it when you speak? And why is it so important?

Speakers who are enthusiastic, dynamic and really interested in their topics are generally regarded as trustworthy, competent and friendly. Audiences respond better to a lively speaker rather than a monotonous one. Plus, people think dull, dry speakers are boring.

Assess your charisma by responding to these questions.  If you don’t like an answer let us know and we’ll coach you for different results!

While speaking:

  • Do you show genuine enthusiasm for your topic?
  • Are you monotonous or flat in your vocal tone?
  • Do you look directly at the audience or people you’re speaking to during your speech or presentation?
  • Do you gesture with your hands or have good body language?
  • Do you motivate the audience with the words you use and the way you deliver them?

By demonstrating charisma in speaking scenarios you’ll enhance your credibility and improve desired outcomes.

We’d love to show you how to harness your personal power of speaking! Reply to us with any questions and contact us when you’re ready to be more charismatic.