It’s holiday time and we know what that means. Lots of talk and sometimes lots of stress. But holiday season means different things to all of us and can be better than we expect if we think about our part in communicating differently!

Starting now, why not make a commitment this year to give yourself , your loved ones and colleagues the gift of good communication throughout the holiday season and into the new year?

Work on being mindful in all your conversations with all of the words you say to others. Make it easy on yourself by speaking to your loved ones in a relaxed, calm and happy manner. Smile when you talk.

And this goes for your professional conversations too. Talk to co-workers, bosses, clients and service providers with respect and you will be surprised at how differently you connect with them.


Is this easy? Not always.

However, think twice about saying things without thinking first which may evoke hard feelings or even an argument or disagreement. You know what they are. Even if it means counting to 10 before you speak about what’s on your mind. This simple, active exercise really can work so why not give it a try?

Think about all the great things that happened this year. If someone helped you out in some way, give them a heartfelt compliment. Be bountiful with those instead. Gratitude always makes good conversation.

Keep conversations during the holiday season light and fun whenever you can. Refrain from complaining. Bring up good times and good memories and share them even if everyone’s heard them before. Limit any negative comments to one good friend, trusted co-worker or family member. But again, keep those to a minimum and focus on what good news you can deliver instead.

If this exercise is difficult for you to execute, then tell yourself to stop thinking any negative thought just for one day and really try to let it go. Then try it the next day and the next and the next…

Because wouldn’t you like to think this really is the most wonderful time of the year?

You can make it so by communicating mindfully.

Happy Holidays! 

Merry Christmas at office