Talk turkey.

Fig. to talk business; to talk frankly; to discuss a problem with the intention of solving it.

Holidays are great opportunities to put good communication skills at work. Especially by communicating and listening well. Strong listening during festivities can help you hear where conversations are heading.

Sometimes family members, usually those who don’t see loved ones often, may want to bring up serious conversations during a fun, holiday gathering, especially if there’s a pressing issue that needs attention.

But if you sense the communication is heading down a path that you’d rather it didn’t take at that moment, then politely disengage with a simple comment such as, “I think this conversation is important to talk about while we’re together but not on Thanksgiving Day.  Can we discuss this tomorrow before breakfast or lunch?”

A reflective response gives you the chance to craft better messages before the big discussion ensues and shows the other person you heard them. Then they’ll be more likely to talk turkey at a much better time and place.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!