How compatible are you and your audience? It’s important to think about this before speaking to an audience of 1 or 1000.

In order to achieve communication success be certain to establish relational credibility by conveying that you understand & have similar views, values, interests and beliefs.

This co-orientation shows your common ground and sensitivity to their needs.

For example:

While visiting the U.S., Queen Elizabeth attended the Kentucky Derby and was invited to speak to the crowd. But you may be asking what could a queen possibly have in common with an audience of American horse racing enthusiasts? 


She began her speech by relating a story of a similar race in England that she always attended because of her passion for horses and the sport of horse racing.  This disclosure immediately brought a great response from the audience and a round of applause. She immediately established common ground with the crowd and won them over.

How can you establish co-orientation?

  • Identify similar attitudes, beliefs & values
  • Identify common experience
  • Convey these similarities early to build rapport

By implementing co-orientation into your communication scenarios your audience will respond in a favorable way and you will enjoy the results.